5 Reasons Why You Don´t Get Results

Today I am going to share the reasons why people avoid results or simply sabotage their own efforts.

If you were like me in the past, where I tried to follow a routine, eat as clean as I could and always expecting changes that never happened until I discovered the right way of doing things.

In fact after reading this post, not only you will see what mistakes you are making but you can correct them.

Now The 5 Reasons Why You Don´t Get Results:

1. No Intensity

Every time I go to the gym I see people doing 2 hours on the treadmill, they spend this two hours of their life walking and talking without dropping one drop of sweat. I know that sweating is not the best way of measuring the effort but is shows you that what you are doing is working.

Let´s see, when you decide to start going to the gym, you made that choice based on a goal that you want to achieve. That goal is the big reason why you go to gym, instead of spending time with your family or friends.

So, every time you go to the gym have to your social life on hold, the only thing that matters is your workout and what you want to achieve.

This is the best mentality, this gives you a sense of purpose, motivation, all that you need to feel good with yourself and see results.

You don´t need to spend 2 hours in the gym, you don´t even have to spend one hour, only 40 minute high intensity workouts are proven to be the best solution to improve body composition.

So, next time you go the gym, just focus on your workout and one small tip:

Set the timer for 40 minutes, when the timer rings you leave the gym, you stop what you are doing and just leave.

Next time you have to go further, you have to complete the workout in less than 40 minutes.

Try this and post your experience below.

2. 6 Nutrition Rules To Improve Your Body Composition

We are bombarded everyday by companies that claim they have found the miracle solution for our problem, but their only purpose is making us buy their products.

The information we get is outdated or simply fake, in most of the cases is based in one single study that has proven that what they are saying is correct.

In our days it´s very hard to distinguish what is true from what is false.

The best sources of knowledge are definitely the people who have their body to prove what they are saying and scientific studies, not magazines and supplement bottles with those fake bodies.

What I am giving you below is a set of rules that I follow and are used by the pros (because they work).

The 6 Nutrition Rules You Need To Follow

  • 1. You must have protein with every meal you take.
  • 2. Make at least 5 meals (3 Protein + Fat & 2 Protein + Carbs)
  • 3. Never mixture carbohydrates with fats in the same meal.
  • 4. Don’t cut all the fats from you diet, instead increase the Omega 3.
  • 5. Only eat carbohydrates Pre, During and Post Workout.
  • 6. Avoid eating Fats 4 hours before and 4 hour after your workout.

These rules can seem strange or seem impossible, but the trick here is only implementing one rule per week.

By having a progressive approach, not only you will be able to implement each one of these rules but you will have time to adapt slowly.

3. Having The Wrong Workout For The Right Goal

I see a lot of people doing crazy workouts that in most cases are not the best way of getting there.

Like when you get the right shoes for you, you definitely need to find the right workout for you too.

Every person that enters the gym is different, their motivations, their desires and of course their goals. Some want to lose weight, some want to build muscle and some just want to feel better.

The main point here is your goal, for example if you are here reading this post, on this website you probably want to build muscle and become invincible in your life, otherwise you would have chosen another site.

So, In order to chose the right workout for you, you need to have a very well defined goal.

  • What is the first thing you would like to change in you when you look at the mirror?
  • Why do you decided start working out now instead of six month ago?
  • If you could snap your finger and change something in your body, what would that be?

When you have the answers for these 3 questions, than you have your goal and you are ready to start.

4. Poor Technique

This is the most important yet most neglected thing that I see inside the gym!

I see so many people saying that their workout is boring, the exercises don’t do nothing and despite all their efforts they stay the same.

I think you already know the answer for this, It´s not the exercises that “makes the magic”, it’s the way you do the exercise, the intention you  put on it, the way you activate your muscles and for how you can keep the tension in your muscles.

This is the thing that makes the difference, not the heavy weights you lift.

Try to improve your technique by feeling the muscles working, leave your ego outside the door and grab some lighter dumbbells.

Just remember one thing, your muscles don’t know how much weight you are lifting, they only know the amount of tension you put on them.

5. Too Much Supplements or None

This is one of the most overlook aspects of the fitness industry, people think they will change their body almost instantly just by taking one miracle supplement that costs them a lot of their hard earned cash.

I have to mention this point because this is one of the biggest battles I have with my clients.

I have some that take too many and others that run away from them because “they will make you sick”.

As I mentioned before, everyday we are bombarded by thousands of supplements adds that claim amazing results with almost zero effort, but I am sorry to inform you that, they only exist with the single purpose of ripping you off.

Let’s see, I am not saying that all supplements are a fraud, but a big part of them are.

When you look at supplements you need to think that they are complement of a perfect meal plan and a good workout routine, they can’t be the foundation of your results or else you will fail.

For now I will just give you a list of the 5 supplements I use that really work and made an impact in my results.

  • 1. Whey Protein
  • 2. BCAA´s
  • 3. Multi-Vitamins (Vit C, B Complex, Vit E)
  • 4. Omega 3 (Fish Oils)
  • 5. Zinc and Magnesium (ZMA Supplements)

In the future I will get deeper on the the supplementation subject!

I hope that this post will help you identify and correct the mistakes you are making.

To our success!

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