In the past you probably have seen in magazines and bodybuilding forums people talking about the Secrets To Stay Lean While Bulking, but they all seem confused or have different theories about this topic. After reading all these pages I realize that everyone used to “bulk up” and then “cut” to get in shape.

The term “bulk up” normally means being in a caloric surplus for long periods of time in order to build muscle and get bigger. The problem with long bulkings is the fact that you get a lot of fat in the process. By doing this you can actually build muscle but you will lose all your definition in the middle and you will also have to suffer to lose the excess fat afterwards.

Fortunately, science has evolved and new strategies have been used. In the last few years the term “clean bulk” has become more popular because it promises to give the same muscle gain results without getting the excess fat. But apparently is not that simple to do a “clean bulk” or stay lean while bulking and for that reason we wrote this guide for you.

Below you will find our really simple 7 Secrets To Stay Lean While Bulking that were discovered recently and that includes hormonal optimization techniques. This sounds really tricky but with every hormonal optimization technique we will provide a quick fix list to help you start today.

Just to make everything easier, a clean bulk also includes all the main principles like a clean diet and a good exercise regimen. By following the strategies below you will see how easy it is to dramatically change you body and even improve your quality of life. Please read our guide below, it is updated regularly to make sure you get all the latest strategies.

This list was UPDATED in 2018

Secret #1 – Fix Your Testosterone Levels

For those who don´t know, testosterone is the male sex hormone. It´s responsible for building muscle, burning fat and making sure your equipment work properly. Females also have testosterone, just in lower amounts than males. That´s why they typically have less muscle and more body fat.

The average male today has a dramatically lower testosterone level than the average male from fifty years ago.

Having high testosterone is a sign of virility, vitality, strength and power.get-big-stay-lean-1

It´s what makes you feel like a man.

It´s what builds muscle and burns fat.

  1. Females need testosterone too, that’s is if they want to stay lean and build muscle. Women in this day and age, they are also likely to have much less than they should have.

If your testosterone is low, as is the case with most people these days, you will always struggle to get in shape or perform (in more than one way) optimally.

This means that you are probably experiencing a few of these side effects: your libido is low, you feel depressed, you don´t have much muscle and you have excessive body fat.

You can and should check your testosterone levels whenever you do your anual checkup or by simply doing some blood tests.

If you feel that you might have low testorone levels, don´t worry we have a quick fix for you.

Quick fix to raise your Testosterone levels:

  • Eat only organic foods;
  • Get 8-9 hours of sleep per night;
  • Increase your intake Omega 3 and Saturated fat;
  • Do more or start doing weight training workouts in order to stimulate testosterone productions.
  • Decrease the inflammation on your body by eating more greens and controling your cortisol levels.
  • Avoid traditional forms of cardio as they have been shown to increase cortisol and lower your testosterone levels.

Secret #2 – Avoid Traditional Cardio

Unless you’re genetically gifted, you have a fast-metabolism (ectomorph body type), you need cardio to minimize fat gain and maximize the gain of lean tissue. Cardio should be minimal, but without it, most people will add substantial fat along with the muscle.

I’d recommend up to three days per week, 20- 30 minutes – yes, even on a muscle gaining program. Most people avoid cardio completely, thinking that the extra cardio will cancel out the calorie surplus, which it does, unless you increase your calories even more.

So basically, you’re eating more and doing more cardio. Does everyone need cardio on a mass gaining program? No, but if you’re having trouble gaining muscle without gaining fat, then you need cardio.

 Secret #3 – Choose Thermogenic & Natural Foods

Take advantage of foods that boost your metabolism such as vegetables, natural starches, and leanproteins. Great carbs for gaining lean weight include yams, oatmeal, whole grains, beans, brown rice, and potatoes.

For protein, choose one of the following for each of your six meals: lean red meat, eggs (mostly whites, limited yolks), chicken breast, turkey breast, protein powder, fish, or cottage cheese.

Never cut your fat intake, this is a mistake that a lot of people make. You should always reduce the carbohydrates first and then reduce all the other macronutrients.

The goal of selecting the right foods (low carbs) is teaching your body how to use fat as fuel instead of carbs. So whenever you need extra energy your body is going to target you fat stores.

 Secret #4 – High Estrogen Levels


This is the female hormone that increases fat around the chest and hips. Males want this to be low as possible. Unfortunately, most men these days have a serious problems with estrogen due to many environmental factors, plastics and low-quality food.

Women need estrogen but not nearly as much as what they are dealing with these days. Our water and food supply is to blame for the early development of females that is so prevalent in recent years. If you want to lose fat optimally you absolutely have to tame estrogen and keep  your levels in check.

Estrogen is one of the biggest problems for men because when you have higher estrogen levels in your body everything goes wrong. You start losing muscle and gain fat in all the wrong areas. Some men suffer from what we call “man boobs” which means excessive body fat in the chest. If you notice that you have more fat in you chest area then normal, that probably means that you are already suffering from high levels of estrogen.

Don´t worry this is all reversible and we will provide you a quick fix below like we always do.

Quick fix for your Estrogen levels:

  • Avoid drinking or eating out of plastic containers.
  • Avoid drinking beer as the hops have been linked with increased estrogen levels.
  • Increase you muscle mass by doing more weight training sessions and reducing cardio.
  • If you live in the UK take special attention to the water you drink because it has been found high levels of estrogen in tap water.
  • Eat organic, grass fed meat and wild caught fish. Factory farmed meat and fish contains numerous estrogenic compounds and antibiotics.

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Secret #5 – Use Optimal Meal Frequency and Size

I know that this sound really simple but you don´t imagine how many people struggle with this.

An optimal meal frequency and size is really important to make sure your body get´s the right nutrients at the right time. If you fail at this even your muscle building efforts inside the gym can be ruined. Your body will enter in catabolism if you don´t keep eating protein regularly and this is really really really important.

If you eat fewer than five to six meals a day, you will either; be under your calorie surplus level required for gaining muscle, or, if you’re meeting your calorie requirements, then you’re eating too much per meal and this can contribute to fat storage.

You might get by with five meals, depending on your calorie requirements, but if your calorie needs are high (say, 3500+, then six meals is optimal). Think about the calories per sitting, not just total calories for the day. If you need 3500 to gain weight, then three 1166 calorie meals won’t do.

Even though total calories would be right on target, the total calories per meal would be too high. Just calculate the total amount of calories you need per day (accordingly to your goal) and split them by 5 or 6 (the number of meals).

 Secret #6 – Poor Insulin Sensitivity

If you have poor insulin sensitivity and you don´t reverse this you have your body working against you.

This simply means that your ability to tolerate carbs is impaired. In other words, carbs will make you fat. If you´re healthy, with normal insulin sensitivity you should be able to tolerate a moderate amount of carbs without blowing up into a whale.

If you are lean and have excellent insulin sensitivity you will be able to consume a pretty decent amount of carbs without any problem. Unfortunately most people have horribly bad insulin sensitivity so even as much as a small sweet potato can sometimes seemingly lead to fat gain for them.

Quick fix for your Insulin Sensitivy:

  • Avoid high glycemic index foods like honey or even frutose;
  • Don´t eat simple carbs like: white rice, pasta, sugar or frutose;
  • Try doing a Ketogenic Diet just to regulate your insulin sensitivity;
  • Spend one day without eating any carbs to help your body use fat as fuel;
  • Stop eating carbs in the morning (this is shown to help you control the insulin levels throughout the day);

Secret #7 – Use The Calorie Cycling Method

Now for what may be the most important technique of all – especially if you are an endomorph (the body type that is inclined to gain body fat easily). This technique works for both sides, fat loss and muscle building.

On fat loss programs is recommended that you do not stay on low calories for a long period of time without “re-feeding” and taking a higher calorie day to prevent metabolism from slowing down. The same technique can be used in reverse for gaining lean muscle without fat. To gain lean tissue you must have a calorie surplus, the trouble is staying in a surplus can cause fat accumulation.

Instead of staying in a surplus 100% of the time, if you zig zag your caloric intake between 3 days at a surplus of about 10-15% over maintenance, then you reduce calories down to maintenance or 5-10% below maintenance (deficit), you prevent the accumulation of body fat.

The drawback of this technique is that you spend less time in a surplus, so muscle gains occur more slowly, but the trade off is worth it because you save time that would have to be spent dieting off the fat at a later date. This technique is highly recommended for the endomorph body type.

So long story short, never stay in a caloric surplus of deficit for too long to improve your body composition.


Final Thoughts:

I hope that after reading these secrets / techniques you are capable of understanding what can dramatically change your body and what can sabotage your results without you even knowing. Learning how to control your hormones is one of the most important things you should know in order to have an amazing physique and maximize all your efforts. Even the basic things like an optimal meal frequency and size is important to change your body composition. Small and consistent changes have a really big impact in the way your body functions and specially how you look in the mirror.

If you want to know more about how to stay lean while bulking, please feel free to comment below.

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